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WHY Bay River Labradoodles?

Why we own Labradoodles:

For many, many years, I wanted a Labradoodle. I have allergies and having a dog that sheds very little was extremely important in my decision of what breed to own. Besides the obvious beauty and low to no shedding, Labradoodles of quality are just wonderful dogs! Good behavior and intelligence makes this breed so desirable. Labradoodles are so flexible too. They love being part of a small or big family or just being one person’s pal. Labradoodles train easy and are just an all around perfect dog!

Why choose Bay River Labradoodles?

We strive to be professional breeders of quality puppies who are healthy, easy to train, intelligent, beautiful, calm and well-behaved, and low to no shed. We are careful to breed calm natured, quality dogs to insure that we don't create "crazy, hyper, frankenstein" labradoodles. Those do exist and they are usually first generation puppies from low quality dogs whose people are not breeding for the right reasons. And their price tags are often cheap, but statistics show these pups will cost you more in vet bills in the long run due to poor genetics. Bay River Labradoodles' puppies are socialized to many situations and they are well on their way to crate training and potty trained when they go to their forever homes at 8 weeks. Basic commands and leash walking are started to help ease the transition to your home. We use the “Puppy Culture” program to make sure our little guys and gals get the best upbringing possible. Our puppies come with up to date de-worming treatments and a clear fecal test, age appropriate immunizations given by our Veterinarian with a health check, a 30 day health insurance policy with your CKC registration, and a two-year health guarantee as well. Our pups are microchipped, come with a tote bag full of supplies, a hand made in the USA collar, and a lifetime membership to Baxter & Bella Training Program online. We offer long term support for any issues you feel are important enough to contact us about. 

Our beliefs and goals:

We believe in raising our potential breeding dogs from a puppy so that we can train them properly, socialize them to all possible situations, and most importantly, health test them to be sure we make healthy babies from adults with amazing traits that should be passed down. Our dogs are our family, our children, our priority. They live in our house, not in outside kennels, they hang out on the couch, watch t.v. (control the remote), lick our plates, and hog our bed at night. Breeding quality puppies takes a huge time commitment. We take this very serious by health testing our dogs and by feeding quality food and giving supplements as needed. Until the end of 2019, we only had one breeding female, Chloe. After raising Brook from 8 weeks old, she is a loving, wonderful dog who has passed health testing and is now our 2nd breeding female. Our two dams deliver puppies in our home. We are by their side, helping them deliver, and cheering them on through the whole process. We stay close for the first days to make sure all puppies are suckling and growing. Mommas are watched closely to be sure pups are nursing without problems and to be sure she is eating, drinking, and healthy. We interact with the puppies daily, practicing early neurological stimulation exercises while they are raised in our home.  


Our puppies are priced at $1300. ($100 for waiting list, $300 deposit, and $900 balance at pick-up). Occasionally, we will have an older puppy that is trained, ask for availability. We provide ground transportation for much less than a flight or business transport company. Contact us for details. 

What are the next steps to join our Bay River Labradoodles’ family?

We have a page on gooddog.com where a simple application is available to complete and send to us. Once reviewed, you will be contacted and will be placed on our wait list if we don't have a litter at the time of application. If we do have a litter, details will be provided to see if there is a good fit for our pups and your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jackie & Don Morris, Seven Springs, NC


(252) 229-0370

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